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2013's GOTY

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Fallout 4 Should Let the Player Choose Their Race

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The Fallout series has lacked one crucial component throughout its life; something the Elder Scrolls has not lacked: the ability to choose a character race at the beginning of the game.

This dream is a little to big to be a paragraph on the wishlist.

First off, believe me, I am not blind to the problems this would impose. For starters, vault dwellers, to my knowledge, are all human. So choosing to become a Ghoul might mean parting with that born in the vault back-story. But that story is becoming worn anyway, isn't it? At least having the option to begin the journey elsewhere could a value to the game.

Again, my ignorance cripples my argument: I have no clue how hard it is to incorporate a race factor for the player's character into a role-playing game. The only thing I can go off of is that they did it with Oblivion and Skyrim. Those games did a fantastic job with customization and had a ton of replay value.

The following isn't by me, it is by a gentlemen who commented on another article saying Fallout 4 should have races. It was his comment that first made me think that races would be a nice addition to Fallout. I asked him to elaborate, so he emailed me with a very detailed list of a lot of all potential choices the player could have when making their character. Just something to get the ball rolling....

The races could be:

Note: The Human race has the potential to be broken down into factions, such as Vault Dweller, Raider, Tribal, ect.

This would be the most balanced of all the classes with all the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats starting at five like they normally do. This class would probably be the most universally liked so that no one would deny them entrance or increase difficulty on some quests.

This race would have both weakened endurance and agility (both probably down around 3-4), though they would get increased perception and intelligence (around 6 or 7) as well as a immunity to radiation. They would be pretty dislike by humans initially and be neutral to everything else. Most Ghouls, feral and non-feral, would not target them as enemies unless attacked. Some traits unique to them could be:
Glowing One - Being in radiation or irradiated heals you though it will irradiate your comrades if you get to close to them.
Bonsai - A tree has begun growing from your head fruit will appear in inventory once a day. (You can't wear certain helmets if this has been chosen.)
(Note: Some of these perks are from fallout tactics.)

Super Mutants:
Super Mutants would have reduced intelligence and agility (3 and 4 respectively) and increased strength and endurance (7 and 6 respectively). Super Mutant strength can even reach above 10. This allows for them to wield certain items no other class could. Their intelligence can only reach 8 as a max excluding them from certain dialect options. Also because of their size it will be extremely difficult to find suitable armor in later stages (power armor). This race will be disliked by Humans and some Ghouls but will not be attacked by other Super Mutants unless provoked. Unique Trait(s):
Big Hands - You have increased unarmed and melee damage due to your freakishly large hands, though you are now unable to wield small weapons (pistols and other one handed firearms).

Androids get increased perception, agility, and intelligence, (7,7,7) but severely reduced charisma and luck (2,3). This race is extremely aloof. The look and walk like humans but their mannerisms and speech just don't fit the bill. They are highly sophisticated machines aware that they are not actually human and are wanted by everyone for the technology inside them. They do not enjoy interaction and when forced to do so they speak as little as possible to prevent being discovered. Androids are actively hunted by Humans and Ghouls. Attempting to use the speech skill is more likely to fail and when it does you will be discovered turning whoever you are speaking to hostile. Their charisma can meet a max of 8.
Unique Traits:
Pinpoint Programming: Your robotic features significantly increases your accuracy in vats and in general (+20%) , though because of this programming you take a longer time to fire (-10% fire rate)

Humanoid Robots:
These robots have humanoid features included speech capabilities but are obviously not human. They have increased perception, agility, intelligence, and strength (7,6,6,8,6) with extremely decreased Charisma and luck (2,1). This race is not very good as social interactions and has difficulty with high level emotions. Humans and ghouls will not be friendly towards you.
Heavy plating: You have been outfitted with heavier alloy increasing your resistance to damage by 20% though this heavier alloy makes you denser decreasing your agility and weight capacity.

While unlikely, if Deathclaws were to be a race, they'd have increased strength, endurance, agility, and perception (8,8,7,8), and decrease charisma, intelligence, and luck (1,3,2).

I could elaborate but unless Bethesda showed particular interest this seems more than sufficient.

Guest post by Bob Harding.

Let me know your own opinion on the matter below.

All The Rumors Surrounding Fallout 4


The factual composition for a solid projection of Fallout 4 has been composed. Now it's time to allow some juicy rumors into the equation. But understand rumors make one's guess about as reliable as the paint gun against a Deathclaw.

So, the big E3 mystery: Was Fallout 4 ever shown? We all hope yes but Bethesda says "you're all high on acid. We never showed Fallout 4." But of course they're going to deny it. And why did writer Derek Nolan tweet "Behind closed doors with @Bethblog right now. #E3?" Yes, people do many things behind closed doors besides reveal Fallout 4 but...

The follow information comes from a supposed leaker who attended said E3 conference.

  • Fallout 4 has been in development since January 2011 by a small team, as the majority were working on Skyrim.
  • As of February 2013, the team working on Fallout 4 is the size of the team which was working on Skyrim. This is due to Skyrim development ending.
  • As it stands now, Fallout 4 will release on Xbox One, PS4, PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. However, this is still subject to change.
  • The actual announcement for Fallout 4 will come BEFORE E3 2014, but will NOT launch in 2014.
  • The expected launch is in October 2015.
  • The game is (as of June 2013) 55% complete, consequently, voice actors will be hired towards the end of 2014.
  • There is no planned multi-player, but there is a possibility of Co-Op locally.
  • The game will take place in Somerville, Cambridge, Arlington (and surrounding areas). The main setting is in a Post-Apocalyptic Boston. However, this area will not be immediately accessible.
  • The story is not clear, however, Vaults exist.
  • The 37 second trailor starts starts with a half-broken phone sparking. The scene pulls out slowly with the stereotypical music you would hear. Slowly you work out the scene is pulling out of a belltower. As it pulls further out, you see a destroyed town around. This is Boston. Suddenly, you hear the bell chime loudly, and the screen changes black instantly. The words of Ron Pearlman are heard "War... War never changes...". The logo for Fallout 4 appears with the 5 platforms above listed.
Make of it what you will. Remember, Bethesda denies everything.

*Update: Obviously, the dates in these rumors have passed and Fallout 4 was never announced. Therefore, I will never make any post regarding rumors again, because they're a waste of time to write and read about.

Honestly, looking back a year later, this whole post is crap. I am sorry. Never again.

Why Fallout 4 Doesn't Need Online Interaction

Why is it that every time single player games succeed and sequels are made, people demand a co-op? Isn't the point of the single player genre to play by yourself? Go play Call of Duty if you can't live without someone else's mic making static noises through your TV.

The biggest argument in favor of co-op/online interaction is "if you don't like it , don't use it." Yeah, just have a developer add a few lines of code so you can fart around with your buddy and sell all his stuff when he's not around.

Understand that making Fallout 4 co-op compatible would be an undertaking. It would delay the game, and any way you spin-it, take away from the single player experience. Not to mention the potential for bugs (like there aren't enough of those in Fallout).

If you really need someone by your side at all times, a companion is more than suitable.

And think about it: isn't part of the beauty of Fallout being able to escape the real world and isolate yourself in a post-apocalyptic Earth where limitless possibilities await? With adventure and danger and epic quests? The journey should be yours and yours alone.

Will Fallout 4 Be An Xbox One Exclusive?

fallout vault boy dice

Word on the street has it that Microsoft wants to have Fallout 4 all to its greedy self. While this rumor hasn't been confirmed, or even addressed, it isn't that far fetched. Microsoft has a history of using its superior financial reserves to buy out games to be release exclusively on their platform.

It's a simple concept, really. Can Microsoft compensate Bethesda for the losses they'll take by being absent on Playstation and PC?  The answer is yes, because Microsoft is rich. But is owning Fallout 4 worth all the money they'll pay out to buy it? It depends on how many more units they sell because fans want that game.

But if any franchise has a loyal following, it's Fallout.

Is A Fallout 4 Announcement Coming Soon?

fallout 3 please stand by

Back in June, Fallout 4's absence at the Electronics Entertainment Expo was justified under the pretense that it was "unrealistic" to expect such an announcement so soon after Bethesda Studios latest project The Elder Scrolls Online was completed.

Personally, I think that the dumbest thing anyone has ever said about anything. Ever.

How hard would it be to say "War, war never changes", smile, and walk away. It would take a designer over there five minutes at the most to poop out a Fallout logo with 4 after it.

Don't feed us that nonsense that it's "too soon." Movies are announced years before they've even begun any filming or even casting.

Name me one game that was ruined by the fact it got "leaked" (leaked meaning you just wink when asked if your making a video game).

You feel good, don't you Bethesda, with your little secrets? Prepubescent six-year-old girls and the NSA keep secrets, you fucks.

This is just a rant and should not be taken seriously.

My Fallout 4 Wishlist

Fallout: New Vegas' biggest criticism was that the game play made it feel a mere extension of Fallout 3. That didn't bother me as much as it did other people because I loved Fallout 3 and played both it and New Vegas back to back. But I won't deny there wasn't much in the way of change between the games, save the story.

I highly doubt that will happen again. Such a long elapse of time makes it almost certain there are going to be some major changes coming to Fallout 4 besides a new story and better graphics.

but I wish to address game-play and abilities and interface.

So, let's get down to business. I'm just going to shoot these at you. Prepare yourself.

Really fast. I changed my mind on this one. In many other games it's a pain to walk a realistic pace, but in a world a beautiful as Fallout, walking slow makes the player take in the view, observe the detail of the land, and draws users more into the game. I've many times been entranced by a soft tune and an elevated view of the post-apocalyptic world. Plus, it'll make combat harder as players can't outrun enemies; even though that's something an avid vault dweller never even considers. There's no greater shame than just breezing through a well designed and eventful quest by sprinting non-stop. Why not just skip the whole damn game?!

Harder Game Play
Once I hit the level 15 area in New Vegas, my money problems were over. I was trading out guns and wasting everybody. I should have been getting my ass handed to me, the way I never used cover and always hit people in the knees, but no. In the new game, I want death to be a serious possibility. I want to be able to brag that I beat Fallout 4. Make the game hard. Financially and in other ways. And don't think that just by adding a meter in the options that gives enemies a ton of health I'll be satisfied. C'mon. I want some Dark Souls level intensity.

Tougher AIs
This goes in hand with the above request, but I feel I need to expand on this in particular. I felt like there was an imbalance between an AI's eyesight versus fighting ablities in Fallout 3 and New Vegas. I'd barely move and be spotted by the bots, and then they'd just charged you guns blazing or shot non-moving in the open, making them really easy to kill. I want it easier to evade them, but make the punishment for getting caught more severe.

AI Manipulation
One of my favorite things to do in the Elder Scrolls was to cause a fight between two AIs. Once I came across two guards going at it for no reason at all in Oblivion. It is one of my favorite gaming memories. That's why I loved the game so much. The best quests never even involved me killing things. I remember coming a upon a small rural setting where lived two families. The exact details I forget, but the quest was to pit them against each other. It was hilarious and fun. I just want more of those kinda quests.

Better Homes
My house in Fallout 3 wasn't cool. At all. Beside getting my robot to heal me, I has no reason to ever be there. I want to be able to make a sick base in Fallout 4. One with a view and exploration value. The penthouse at Tenpenny Tower was cool. Very cool. I wish there was more to snipe at though...

Rewards For Hard Mode
Instead of just upping the damage AIs deal and lowering my defenses, how about hard mode enables access to some new weaponry, perks, or even new locations?

Randomize Loot
The second play-through is always a cake-walk because you know the exact the route to take to get the best gear.

Make Non-violent Skills Valuable
Every time in Fallout when I planned to be a level 100 computer hacking Buddhist with a PhD, I'd be forced to give up my dream and level up my fighting. I wish for more opportunities to sweet talk or sneak or hack through a quest, rather than "kill everything in my path."

This list is subject to change and/or expansion.